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Pamela J. Cooper, Supervisor of the Archive Center and Genealogy Dept.
Indian River County Main Library, Vero Beach, Florida
Genealogist since 1977 and Florida researcher since 1986
Over the years, I often became distracted by interesting historical tidbits that were begging to be researched.
If I am challenged, then the project often became larger than planned. If there is a need to make it available, I try to write or publish something for the short term.
This site is about SHARING those long and short-term projects. I will make everything available for free. All I ask, if you use anything, that you give proper credit to me and the web site. All materials are original research.

Pam at Grandma Clark's home in Brook Park, Minnesota, circa 1955. Mom and Dad left me and my brother Roger (3 years old) to go on their first honeymoon in Canada.